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Bose® 151® SE environmental speakers (Black)

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Bose® 151® SE environmental speakers deliver the full stereo sound you want outdoors.
Inside each speaker are three 2½-inch full-range environmental drivers arranged in an Articulated Array® speaker design. This provides Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance for consistent sound in a much wider area than conventional speakers provide. You have the freedom to listen to your music wherever you are, not just in a small “sweet spot” where your music sounds best.

Bose outdoor speakers have withstood some of nature’s worst conditions. They’ve been tested against snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 158º F (70ºC) to -40º F (-40ºC). They’ve even been put through 1,200 hours of salt-fog testing—twice the demanding Marine Industry Standard. And to further underline their toughness, they have a five-year transferable limited warranty.

Bose 151 SE speakers are designed to blend smoothly with horizontal eave, clapboard and roof lines. Adjustable, weather-resistant brackets allow you to hang them either vertically or horizontally.

What's in the box:

2 speakers

 2 mounting brackets

 2 bracket locking screws 

 4 1/4" lock washers 

 2 #8 lock washers 

 4 1/4"x 9/16” bracket-to-speaker mounting screws 

 4 #12 x 1 3/4" wood screws 

 4 #12 x 1” wall anchors

5 year warranty